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Flowers Make a Difference

A flower can change the world. It can teach us so much about the natural ebbs and flows of life. About death, transition, and each season of our time here on Earth. Flowers can be bright and glorious, or cool in color and spiny. They come in so many shapes and sizes and blossom in different ways, at varying times, and in drastically different environments. In that way, they are a lot like people.

Someone like me, for example, prospers in quiet spaces, surrounded by rich Earth and bright sunshine. But others, like to grow in rocky crevices, surrounded by other plants and animals. Certain ones need more sunlight, water, or time, to reach their full potential.

Flowers teach us a lot about kindness, because if we can understand their lessons, we begin to absorb the truth that no one stays the same. No flower is the same from one day to the next. There are always new buds, new death, and petals that fall to the ground. Nothing is static. But, when we look at a flower, we see beauty in it, even when that means we have to prune away the blossoms that are no longer serving the plant, or pick up dead parts off the ground.

Photo & Flowers by Sienna

It seems to me, we, as humans, are a whole lot like that, and in my experience a happy life is one in which you accept that not all days are good, not all days are bad. Sometimes your blooming and sometimes your petals are fluttering to the ground.

I lost my Grandfather about a year ago during a time where I had a lot of other loss to deal with. The only way I could make sense of it was in flowers. I found great solace in the flowers in my garden, bookshelves, and the ones perched on my coffee table. They passed the lesson on to me that if you give yourself time, you give yourself the things you need to prosper, it all works out, and you will bloom into exactly what you were meant to.

In the name of faith, flowers, and loving ourselves, WILDFLOWER, our flower line, is my contribution to the idea that flowers make a difference. That they represent the beauty of the beginning and end of chapters. That on the beginning of one of your biggest journeys-marriage- a flower can teach you all the tools you need for a successful and happy life.

Photo, Flowers, and Styling by Sienna


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