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Romantic Equine Shoot at Sylvanside Farm

After driving peacefully through the beautiful Virginian countryside, you arrive at Sylvanside Farm and make your way down a gravel driveway, lined with trees that are as rich in history as years. To your right you will find a serene pond guarded by a single white swan. To your left you are met with an expansive cornfield, and directly in front, breathtaking barns.

It was the perfect setting for a romantic styled shoot with a bit of vintage flare.

Inspired by the rolling hills, hunt country, and quaint historical towns that surround the area I put together a set that honored the culture that surrounds Sylvanside.

A culture of horses, elegance, and history.

I was drawn to a beautiful Cherry Tree that calls the farm home. Even in the winter it's elegant branches frame the pond and old Stone Barn. The perfect element to add a bit of romanticism to our set. And so, we placed one of Sylvanside's velvet sofas right beneath it's branches.

Then, just like that, Blackjack, one of Sylvanside's gorgeous horses, was ready, and so was our beautiful model, Cassie.

There is so much warmth and history at this farm and it buzzes with a special kind of energy. When I shoot I am always inspired by the landscape. It's not a backdrop, but a crucial part of my image. It is always my mission to honor the location I am shooting in with my images and to do that at such an inspiring place was glorious.

The soft winter tones in combination with the amazing furs gave this shoot a special kind of elegance that perfectly incapsulated this day and the amazing team of individuals that made it possible.

| Our incredible team: |

Photography & Styling: Sienna Turecamo Photography

Venue: Sylvanside Farm

Makeup & Hair: Sarah Khan Artistry

Dresses, furs, antique sofas: Nostalgia Boutique

This shoot was a perfect inspiration for an elegant hunt-country winter wedding.

Most people get married in the warmer months, but one of my favorite things is to shoot winter weddings. They always have a special energy to them. This day proved to be just as special.

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