Have you ever had that moment,

deep in your gut, where you just knew?

So have we, and thats why we do what we do.

About  Us

Our names are Cody and Sienna. We were sixteen when we met jumping off of cliffs at an abandoned rock quarry. Even back then, we were both wild, adventurous spirits, with a burning need to make a difference. Seven years later, Cody reached out again and not much had changed, we were both jumping off of cliffs in our own way. 


I was 23 and running this business full time, fueled by a dream and a lifetime need to create. Cody was 25 and clanging and banging in the gym as a fulltime personal trainer, and in the process of opening his own gym. On the third date, Cody told me he wanted to marry me, I laughed, but it turned out, he was serious.  


Now we live together in the countryside, with a field of cows out back, decorated by a backdrop of the blue ridge mountains. We have two dogs named Paisley and Buddha, both as big in personality as in size. But, we aren’t interested in putting on a show and talking about an unrealistically idyllic life. Being in love is hard, building a life is difficult, but we also know how amazing and joyful It is. That is what we want to capture, your real story, and your authentic moments.  


Together we realized that we could spread more love and change people’s lives as a united front, so, in 2018, Cody became a part of my team and we have been dedicating our lives to not only giving couples amazing images, but amazing wedding photography experiences ever since. 


Our Mission Here is To Be Different



We aren’t in this to only give you amazing images, because there are so many photographers who can do that, but to provide exceptional service and an experience that honors exactly who you are as a couple. We are your friends along the way and we understand what it means to be in a partnership. We are driven by a need to help people, and our passion is found in capturing every love story we can, so that we can make this world a better place, one couple at a time.  


What’s your love story? 


We can’t wait to hear it. 


And then photograph it. 

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